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Single, Double, Hand pressed, Pre-fabricated, Basins, Domestic, Kitchen, Bathroom, Commercial, Industrial, Pot Wash, Prep Area, Hospital and Laboratory use.

Vision Metal Works has extensive experience fabricating and supplying Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial single and double sink units and Ice Wells.

When durability matters most.

Stainless Steel has many properties that make it ideal for Sink fabrication. It is durable enough to withstand harsh treatment and frequent use without ever cracking or discolouring. They’re also extremely easy to clean and less likely to become a haven for bacteria. This is beneficial in kitchens, Hospitals, Laboratories, and Food Processing Plants. In addition to supplying ready-made and custom sinks to the General Public, We supply to:

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Vision Metal Works; bending, cutting, rolling, drilling, tapping, and welding metal fabrications on the Gold Coast for more than 35 years.

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